Saturday, September 23, 2006

flava flav?

The first notable thing about this video is that the boy in it eats a "real" flaming hot cheeto. The other thing that I really love is that he yells "FLAVA FLAV!" I am a big fan of PE and because of the reality series 'Flavor of Love' there seems to be renewed interest in PE for the wrong reasons.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Girls Locker Room

One of the weirdest things to me about You tube is how so many of the videos are filmed inside school. High school must be so boring that not only did they film this, but they took the to me to upload it to you tube. if as a child I realized that the girls locker room was actually this boring I probably would have ended up gay because towel snapping is more interesting than this.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Family Time

The great thing about this video is the tension. The parents are watching their children eating FHC for the first time expecting their heads to explode. I really like how the parents are egging on their kids to eat junk food IMMEDIATELY. IMHO the best part of this video is when the father curses in front of his young children and no one bats an eye. I'm not saying they are bad parents, however I find it fascinating that they would post this image on the Internet.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

When I Eat Cheetos

powered by ODEO

This is a Fan created song using recordings of kids talking about how great FHC are.

Welcome To Some Like It hot

Flamin' Hot Cheetos (FHC) are hugely popular. It's not just a snack, it's a pop cultural phenomenon and in some respects a budding sub culture. FHC are primarily popular on the west coast and among Latinos and African Americans, but really anyone can enjoy them. The popularity of FHC really took off when a school banned them. I have been enjoying these videos for weeks and been pondering startign this blog. The first Boing Boing podcast put me over the edge adn made me realize that the Internet is ready for a niche blog about viral media concerning FHC.

This is my personal favorite hot Cheetos video, but there are many more. Everyday I hope to post a new video or fan song. once I run out the prophesy states that the world will end.